Arkansas Missouri Railroad ExcursionsArkansas and Missouri Railroad's special passenger train services offer you 'A Window Seat to History' -- an opportunity to travel in the style of a bygone era. You can still enjoy the leisurely elegance of real train travel through the mountains and valleys of Northwest Arkansas.

Over trestles with views for miles and through a quarter mile tunnel, your journey will take you all the way to the top of the scenic Boston Mountains and into the historic Arkansas River Basin.

The Arkansas and Missouri Railroad is one of the few commercial lines left in the United States that operates both freight and passenger service. All of our passengers travel the regular working rails in refurbished antique passenger or parlor coaches.

For some, the journey evokes memories of an era long gone. For others, it is the fulfillment of a wish to let their children and grandchildren experience the Golden Age of Travel just as they did when they were young. All enjoy a uniquely memorable experience reminiscent of American traditions in transportation.

Whatever your reason to take the train, you are almost guaranteed to leave the Arkansas and Missouri Railroad with a feeling of nostalgic joy in your heart – and perhaps the remembered scent of a warm, home-baked Fourth-of-July apple pie in your memory.

Choose from three popular excursions... each with its own special flavor and adventure, guaranteed to revive the Golden Age of Travel in your heart.

REGULAR EXCURSIONSspring train - Please note all trips are ROUND trips

Springdale to Van Buren -

This day-long, 134 mile round trip includes a three-hour layover in historic downtown Van Buren where you can enjoy lunch in one of several local cafes, shop along Main St and enjoy the rich architecture of the historic downtown buildings.  Read more... Ticket Pricing....

Van Buren to Winslow
Friday and Saturday  11 am - 2 pm

This three-hour, 70 mile round trip excursion takes you through the ruggedly beautiful Boston Mountain range of the Ozarks, over three valley trestles and through the 1700-foot long Winslow tunnel for some of the most breathtaking scenery you are likely to see in 'The Natural State'.  Read more... Ticket Pricing...


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