Fan Club

Arkansas Missouri Railroad Fan ClubRailroad fans have traveled halfway around the country to experience the Arkansas Missouri Railroad passenger train adventure. Don't be surprised to see familiar faces on your journey either. Many passengers return month after month, and year after year to relive the excitement of the rail.

The Arkansas and Missouri Railroad is one of the few true working railroads in the United States to offer passenger service and excursions. Isn't it time you discovered for yourself what riding the rail was really like?

Membership is the key

The Arkansas and Missouri Railroad Fan Club is dedicated to the preservation of railway history. You can help us in our efforts, and keep informed of today's railway events by becoming an official member. It's easy, and features some great benefits.

What Membership Includes

  • Official A & M Railroad Membership Card
  • Bi-Monthly colored newsletter of the A & M Express
  • A & M Calendar
  • 20% Off Ticket Price
  • Discounts in the Gift Shop
  • Arkansas Misssouri Railroad window decal

Want to Become a Fan Club Member?

Simply send us an email with your contact information or drop by our Springdale Depot.

Membership Levels:

    • Train Master/ General Superintendent $1000 (1 lifetime pass and 4 complimentary tickets)
    • Signal Maintainer $500 (6 complimentary tickets)
    • Engineer $250 (4 complimentary tickets)
    • Conductor / Family $150 (3 complimentary tickets)
    • Passenger $40
    • Student $30

Lifetime memberships are valid for as long as Arkansas and Missouri Railroad Passenger Train Services are in operation.

For more information about membership or any other aspect of Arkansas and Missouri Railroad's Passenger Train Operation, please contact us.